What are our hours of operation?

We are a seasonal business and operate full time from March-November from 8am-5pm. Our office is closed from December – February, but management is available by appointment through phone or email.

Do we sell to the public?

Shabatura Farms Ltd. is a wholesale operation, and does not sell small quantities to the public. Orders are to be placed in advance by calling the farm and scheduling a pick up day.

Can we just stop in to pick our own produce, purchase produce, or tour the facilities?

Our farm is not open to the public. We sell prepicked and packaged produce in our own, new containers only. In order to maintain our food safety integrity, the fields and packhouses are controlled production sites and are not open for drop in visits. Special arrangements can be made in advance for tours if approved by management. All visitors must abide by our food safety policies and procedures at all times.

How is our produce sold?

All produce is sold in bulk and packed to order. For specific commodity packaging, refer to our produce page to see what packaging options are available. We offer place pack and volume filled packaging options.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we do deliver direct if the order contains a minimum of 6 full pallets. Orders less then 6 pallets must be picked up at the main farm or the Ontario food terminal. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure proper transport needs are met such as covered, clean vehicles and refrigeration for long distances.

How much does our produce cost?

Prices are set daily based on the current market price. Please call for up to date pricing.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We take cash, cheque, or etransfer to accounts@shabaturaproduce.com